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Sometimes, it was difficult to tell apart the kings from the beggars, and vice versa.

Elena had met men as penniless as she had once been, lifetimes ago to her, who likened themselves to the richest of kings. They had barely a cent to their names, but yet they walked with all the confident swagger of an untouchable royal. Even though they were no better than the next beggar, they carried such a strong opinion of themselves, it seemed almost criminal to try and touch them.

However, like two sides of a coin, she had met men richer who nearly were kings in all the sense, and yet were no better than the next panhandler. It was astonishing, to see such confident swindlers and then be brought face-to-face with a cowardly and submissive maestro. They stuttered and stumbled in the face of adversity, and shut themselves away with all their wealth.

Staring at the man she had pinned to the wall, Elena likened him to be much like the latter.

As a bounty hunter, she didn’t question where she went or why, she simply did. Her trip to the Harbor had been for a very different manner, and already that contract had been fulfilled. She could have been in and out of this place days ago, however when she’d learnt about the tyrannical Leonardo De Ville, she hadn’t been able to help staying around a little longer.

“Do you know who I am?” The man sputtered, though it would have perhaps held more threat had his voice not been two octaves far too high, and she not seen the panic in his beady eyes.

“I know exactly who you are” she responded in kind, her tone nothing but calm, “you’re Leonardo De Ville, richer than the likes of the King here, and perhaps crueler too.” She was amused to see him swallow, as if he had expected her not to have looked into him first. Perhaps this wasn’t the first confrontation he’d been faced with, but it was certainly the smartest, she would venture to say.

“T-Then you know what I can do! I’ll have your head!” He tried, but the beginning tones of confidence were swept out when she merely laughed at him.

For the time being, she’d had the flat of her dagger pressed against his throat, but now she turned it in her hand slightly, pressing the blade against the delicate skin of his neck. The flesh here was paper-thin, and most definitely delicate. She barely had to apply any pressure, before it would dig in and draw blood.

She smirked at him, not unlike a predator who had cornered it’s prey and was playing with it. Humming softly, she cocked her head to the side slightly as if she were observing him. “I know all about you, Mister De Ville, or perhaps, should I address you as Lord De Ville instead?” She mocked.

“Now, now, I assumed you were a man of God, Lord De Ville, as you attend Church. Though you go there just to get yourself a cut of what they make, don’t you?” She murmured.

Elena had spent a whole week and then some watching this man, getting to know his habits and mannerisms from afar. She had met some truly despicable men in her lifetime, this man perhaps was a contender for a top place among her personal list. She felt no remorse at choosing to collect a bounty on him, without having any contract or pay in return. This was out of the goodness of her heart.

“I’ve done my research, Lord De Ville, I know all about you” she teased, smiling at him with a little more teeth than necessary. She so often got carried away with the role of interrogator, she couldn’t help it.

“I know that you’ve got a number of people and businesses under your thumb, all of them owing impossible debts to you they’re desperately trying to pay off.” She’d watched him spend nearly every day at one place or another, railing poor, run-down people for his money to be paid back to him in full.

She leaned in close to him, so she could whisper, “and we both know all the money those people could ever make in their lifetime, would be less than what you have now.”

Backing away from him, as if he were some kind of infectious disease, she carried on. “I know that despite being a widower, three times, you hold very little respect for women. In fact, you’ve taken five women to bed just in the past week and some, and only two of them were agreeable. Paid off in full for their time I’m quite sure. The other three weren’t as lucky, I assume. Thrown out as soon as you’d grown tired for them, no doubt” she hissed, voice growing more frigid as she spoke.

Apparently, her intent towards him seemed very clear to the both of them.

It was at this point, Leonardo De Ville began to beg.

“D-Don’t kill me” he stuttered, “how much is a life worth nowadays? I have more money than you will ever even see in your life” he tried. She watched him, boredom painted across her features. “Ten thousand, why I bet that’s more than you’ve ever seen in your life” he burst out.

Rolling her eyes, she scoffed at the offer, “my, my, what a businessman you are, Lord De Ville. That is barely a dent in your pocket, you’ve got millions to your name.”

“Fine, fine! A million dollars! No, two million!” He burst out.

Elena remained impassive, applying the slightly amount of pressure to the dagger at his neck.

“Four million! Doubled! I bet whomever’s hired you isn’t offering that!”

Elena leaned towards him slightly, eyes gleaming like sharp gemstones, “you see, that is where you’re wrong, Lord sir” she murmured, voice low and almost gentle. “No one is paying me a cent. This is something I am doing out of the goodness of my oh-so-blackened heart” she relished in the surprise on his face.

“Nothing you could offer me would be enough to spare your pathetic life. Men like you, they shouldn’t ever be elevated to the status you’ve gained, through no means other than inheritance, I might add. There are beggars in the street with hearts of gold who deserve all you have, and still are kinder despite their worse situations” she told him, voice like ice.

“Since you’re a man of God, I assume you know where the likes of men like you end up” she added, applying more than a little pressure to the dagger at his throat now.

Leonardo De Ville was as rich as a king, but no better than a sticky-fingered beggar to the end.
Captain's Prompt/November: Kings and Beggars
(I disappeared again. Shhhh. I gotta stop doing that.)

It's not... overly violent? But there is implied murder at the end, so...?

Anyways, viola! Actually, I really liked this prompt, it was quite cool to work with La la la la 

Enjoy! Ciao cute blush 
Williem couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips, watching as Eliza playfully twirled around the parlor, the victrola playing some tune that he knew but couldn’t name. She was dressed down, her dress plain blue hues, that still brought out the colour in her eyes somehow, as her golden-bronze ringlets flew around as she turned and hummed along to the music.

Sometimes, he couldn’t help but completely enraptured with his own wife.

It was more than true, he’d never bothered to court her and instead had obtained her by force and manipulation, but she had stayed here with him. She’d grown to love him, and it made some weight on his chest lift, to have this beautiful woman in his home, his bed, his arms, and be able to call her his and pepper kisses across her face and hair, and love her as she deserved to be loved.

He worked to prove that no man loved her as much as he did.

She’d interested him upon their first meeting, the unorthodox young woman who made everything her parents discussed her business should it have an effect on her, and gave her opinion and suggestions even when ignored. She was intelligent and stubborn, and there was a spark of fire in her that had him willing to be burnt.

The music was winding down, slowly the song wrapping up and she’d need to curtsey and await the next song to come on the track.

He watched with his heart in his eyes as his wife smiled brightly, just twirling because she could. The mysterious Lady DuBois, if only the people who whispered in the streets and towns could see her now for what she truly was. A beautiful, yet naughty, woman who would deny their stuffy old traditions and ways.

The music died from the room, and he lifted his hands to clap them together. She whirled around, pink colour flushing to her lovely face at being caught dancing like a young girl who’d gotten into the tracks and been caught.

“You dance lovely, Madame” he teased, and her eyes glittered like sapphires, the embarrassment quickly ebbing away, becoming replaced by a look of love and amusement. She gave a curtsey and he stepped closer to her, as the victrola whirled signaling it needed a changing of it’s track. She waggled a finger in a motion for him to wait, before spinning to switch the music, putting on a slow song that was the right pace for two people to dance together.

“Can I offer you a dance, Lord DuBois?” She asked, her tone teasing.

He chuckled, offering one of his hands to her, which she took without any hesitation. He pulled her close to him, as the music began to play and they took small steps in tune to the song.

“I’m hardly a Lord, I but I could never say no to you, Lady DuBois” he shot back, and she grinned at him.

“Oh I’m aware, but there isn’t any harm in pretending to be” he chuckled, inclined to agree with her as the music picked up pace slightly, causing them to move in accordance to the tune.

“Lord and Lady DuBois, we’ll charm them all. A couple of dark souls in two beautiful bodies” she snorted, and he wondered which books she’d taken to reading.

He’d discovered she had a fascination with the more morbid titles, were there was dark humor and horror bled into the pages. Sometimes he was delighted to see that her own dark sides were brought out with him, in different ways.

“We’ll be the envy of every ball, the talk of every town from here to the sea” he agreed. They already were talk, Williem DuBois didn’t take a wife every day and that was enough to have people’s mouths running tenfold.

“Well, we’ll need to live up to our reputations” she mused, breath hot against his ear, the words almost whispered to him. She was pressed against him, clutching him with vise-like fingers while he held her possessively to his body.

He reveled in these moments, where she revealed she was his perfect match.
Prompt #263. Music

(I'm not dead guys. I've been so busy, since school has started. It's only my Junior year, but I've got a lot of math and sciences this year, since I've already mapped out what I need for my Senior year next year, and for University level classes. You don't need to know/don't care about this, but I unfortunately inherited my mother's tendency to babble happily on.)

Anyways, since I've been busy doing things, I thought hell, I'll upload this. I wrote it probably last year, May? June? Meh. It's old. Excuse it.

(I'm thinking though, I'm going to do some word/sentence prompts for Elena, I think that'd be cool.)

As he began to come to, one of the first things he realized was he was lying in bed. It was a little strange, because he couldn’t remember getting into the bed. Constantine was quite certain if he’d gotten himself into bed last night, he would’ve remembered doing it. He really wasn’t one to forget things.

For a moment, he wondered maybe if he was hungover. He couldn’t really, well, he was having trouble remembering himself at a pub last night, so he wondered if maybe he had had one too many? Constantine had done it before, and being groggy like this wasn’t unusual.

When he attempted to roll himself over, a searing pain shot through his body.

“Constantine?” A distinctively familiar, feminine voice said, somehow getting through the fog currently inside of his head. He knew that voice, he could picture the face but the name, where was that?

Soft, albeit slightly dry, hands wrapped around his wrist, wherever that was located. “Constantine, can you hear him?” The voice questioned, sounding worried. He didn’t know why, but hearing the voice worried was almost amusing for him.

Faint taps to his cheeks roused him from his thoughts about the voice, and he opened his eyes.

Well, he liked to think he opened his eyes, and it was easier said than done, truthfully. It took more than a few seconds to actually force his eyes to open and take in his surroundings. When he did, the light was almost blindingly painful, and he ended up squinting.

As soon as he saw the owner of the voice, nearly everything came rushing back to him. It was as if someone had barreled straight into him, though it was kind of the opposite in the situation he’d gotten himself in. He’d been the one doing the barreling.

Ah, and he’d gotten shot, if he recalled correctly… that explained the searing pain.

“Elena?” He said, surprised by how croaky his voice sounded. His mouth felt dry too…

Roughly, a cup of water was brought up to his lips. He was a little surprised by the force she used, considering moments ago she had been nothing but gentle. For the moment, Constantine decided he was going to overlook that, and he gratefully took a few long gulps of water.

Once she removed the cup, she slapped at his cheeks, rougher than usually and not to mention unnecessarily. He was pretty certain that was a technique used to rouse people, and he was perfectly roused, thank you very much. He got the distinct feeling that wasn’t the purpose of this though.

“You fucking idiot” she scolded, and he took in the sight of her. She looked exhausted, he’d never actually seen her this run down before. She was kneeling next to where he was lying, hair tossed up looking like it needed a washing, skin paler than usual, with dark circles under her eyes. “Look at you, with your goddamn hero complex, I do not need saving” she warned him, though her voice lacked any bite.

“He was gonna shoot you” he muttered, wondering how stupid she thought he was. “You think I was gonna sit back and let some asshole lowlife just kill you?” He grumbled. Honestly, sometimes he really questioned what the hell went on in that head of hers.

Elena scowled at him, not impressed obviously. “Did you stop to think that maybe I was alright with that conclusion?” She asked him, and he raised both his eyebrows. She was a fighter, he really didn’t see her just giving up to be honest.

“No one likes a liar” he teased, though it did very little to lighten things between them.

“Constantine, you were shot” she was, waving her hand at his chest. Glancing downward, he could see bandages on his body, where the bullets had got him.

Dropping his head back to the pillow, he grunted, “yeah, got that, thanks” at her.

“You’ve been unconscious for days” she growled, surprising him a little. Honestly, it didn’t feel like that, it felt like he’d been asleep for a night. “You could have died” she added warningly.

“Well, I didn’t, so all’s well that ends well” he tried.

“You very well could have, you’re a lucky son of a bitch” she insulted.

“Is this any way to speak to a man who got shot, twice, saving your ass?” He rolled his eyes.

Elena moved away from him, somewhere behind him where he couldn’t see. When she came back, he was surprised to see she had food for him. Eggs, by the looks of them, but he wasn’t complaining. The moment she’d brought him the bowl, he realized how starved he was.

“I don’t need saving” she repeated stubbornly.

Constantine grunted, attempting to reach for the spoon, but it only hurt. Settling back beside him, Elena scooped the eggs herself and lifted them to his mouth. A little bit surprised by this, he hesitated only a moment before taking the offered spoonful.

Some moments passed in silence between them, before he, of course, broke it. “Did you seriously think I was gonna let him kill you, and be done with that?” He asked. Honestly, yeah he’d been shot and that wasn’t any fun at all, but she didn’t need to be so mad about it. He was fine, now anyway.

“It would have been easier than way” she told him stiffly. “Killing me would mean all this shit would be done and over with, now that Marco’s dead I can count on someone coming to try and kill me off. He has friends in high places you know” she warned.

He hummed slightly, pleased to know that the bastard was dead.

“I’m sure everything will be fine. It’ll send a message, you mean business, I’m pretty sure people are gonna be looking at you now, and fearing for their lives. You could be the new and improved Marco” if he could have shrugged, he would’ve.

Elena didn’t look pleased at that. “I don’t want to be Marco, I’m just me” she told him. “However, I don’t think I can be myself in this place” her voice was soft now.

“What do you mean?” He asked, frowning at her words.

She hesitated, but then shook her head dismissively, “I don’t mean anything. You should rest” she advised. Elena got up from beside him, and though he called after her, she disappeared outside.

If he’d learnt one thing, over the past while, it was that Elena didn’t just talk nonsense.
Jumping Ship: Chapter Twenty-Seven
It's an update. Look, it isn't dead. :faint: 

You know, when I started this, I had no idea where it was headed or how long it would be. I still have no clue. Shrug 

But, hey, here's another chapter!

(So, as I was thinking, I'll work on finishing this, and maybe then nitpick and redo just some scenes (not all of it), but I got the idea to write a little story concerning Constantine after Elena leaves. I'm pretty sure that's not a spoiler, considering in the prologue she was already aboard Chenbeard's ship and was reminiscing... I think it would be cool, anyway.)

Hope it was enjoyable Jammin' 
I was reading through Jumping Ship (which I did notice, I haven't updated in... God knows how long... sorry folks Sheepish) and well, I was actually thinking about kind of... redoing it.

Just in a more up-to-date version, you know? I mean, I probably wrote that a year (maybe two years? My memory is really bad, yikes) ago, and I've gotten better at writing than I was when I started. There are things I read through, and I figure I could've written the scenes so much better than I did, or play out scenarios or differently.

I was thinking of doing it, and I just thought, well, I'd spread that thought/idea here. If anyone cares, lol. Even without anyone taking notice, it's a pretty good possibility I'd do it. God knows, over time and practice I have gotten better with writing and whatnot, not to mention I have all my Advanced English and my writing courses coming up when school starts up... so... yeah :D rvmp  

I was reading through Jumping Ship (which I did notice, I haven't updated in... God knows how long... sorry folks Sheepish) and well, I was actually thinking about kind of... redoing it.

Just in a more up-to-date version, you know? I mean, I probably wrote that a year (maybe two years? My memory is really bad, yikes) ago, and I've gotten better at writing than I was when I started. There are things I read through, and I figure I could've written the scenes so much better than I did, or play out scenarios or differently.

I was thinking of doing it, and I just thought, well, I'd spread that thought/idea here. If anyone cares, lol. Even without anyone taking notice, it's a pretty good possibility I'd do it. God knows, over time and practice I have gotten better with writing and whatnot, not to mention I have all my Advanced English and my writing courses coming up when school starts up... so... yeah :D rvmp  



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